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Our recommendations in Prague

We have been testing with the restaurants of Prague with passion since 1998 . "Hard work", some might say! Prague has many good restaurants, but many that are not... 10 years ago, restaurants that offered true gourmet cuisine could be counted on the fingers of one hand. This have, fortunately, progressed since then, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with the latest trends! Our guide is here to help. Feel free to contribute by submitting your opinions ont he best places to dine at

U Medvídků This is a typical Czech restaurant and brewery as it should be. Large wooden tables, beer flowing liberally from the tap, animated conversation… The history of this establishment goes back to 1466. In the early days, it was a brewery, later it was the first cabaret in Prague. Today, with seating for nearly 300, U Medvídků (By the Bears) is one of the largest restaurant-breweries in town, serving Czech specialities and quality beer (Budweiser) in one of its many rooms. A miniature beer museum is located in the basement. Na Perštýně 7, 224 220 930.

Kabul Restaurant The only Afghan restaurants in Prague. Excellent cooking, with some vegetarians, dishes, with a friendly atmosphere and pleasant service. Very reasonable prices: CZK 200 for a complete and filling with drink.

Lehká hlava Located in one of Prague's smallest streets, Lehká hlava (literally, "light head") is one of the best gastronomical surprises of 2008. In just a few months, this new vegetarian restaurant has succeeded, thanks to word of mouth, to build up a group of loyal customers. Today it is almost impossible to eat there without a reservation - even on a weekday. Its success can be described in just a few words: original, tasty and very affordable dishes (from CZK 100 to 200), surprisingly modern interior design in an old 15th-century residence, a friendly atmosphere and pleasant service. Borsov 2, 222.220.665.

Klub Architektů You will find many Czech restaurants near Bethlehem Square, all offering an excellent price-to-quality ratio.  Klub Architektů is one of them. The atmosphere is convivial, the typical kitchen and of the dishes vegetarians are even with the menu. Located in an old cellar of XIIe century, the room offers an interesting déco combining elements old and modern and the name of the restaurant then is included/understood….Very quality-price positive ratio. It can be necessary to hold. Betlémské náměstí 5a, 224 401 214

V Zátiší Reputed to be one of the best restaurants in Prague. Everything is top-notch here: the service, the food, the prices! Internationale cuisine. Count on less than CZK 700 for a meal without wine. Betlémské nám (Liliová 1), 222 221 155.

La dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise This unique restaurant is one of the best in Prague. Get ready to spend several delicious mouth-watering hourse here: Oldřich Sahajdák's team of chefs and pâtissiers prepares menus (CZK 2250) consisting of seven courses, supplemented with seven amuse-bouche. The menu consists of traditional Czech meals prepared using carefully selected ingredients according to traditional Czech recipes with the use of modern culinary techniques. Meals vary by season and according to what is availalbe from Czech producers and organic farms. There is a shortened "après le théâtre" menu (CZK 1000) as well. Haštalská 18, 222 311 234. Closed Sundays.

Orange Moon One of the best Thai restaurants in Prague, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and smiling service. Indian and Burmese dishes are available as well. Just 150 meters from Old Town Square, the restaurant is tucked away on a small sidestreet, away from the crowds. Prices are reasonable, ranging from CZK 150 to 300. Rámová 5, 222 325 119.

Restaurant Kolkovna Located in the street of the same name, this is one of the rare restaurants in the Josefov districtoffering Czech traditional cooking at a decent price. Moreover, it is frequented by locals who come for beer (Pilsner) goulasch, and other Czech gastronomical specialities. If the top floor is full, there is a large underground space as well. A typical restaurant with a friendly atmosphere - great for experiencing a Czech brew pub, not the place for a romantic meal. V Kolkovně 8, 224 819 701.

No Stress A restaurant with the undeniable charm and the neat decoration that makes one want to return again and again, either for the pleasure of eating there or just to have a coffee. The service is pleasant and the cooking, inspired by Asianfusion, is light and inventive and always leaves good memories. Dishes are around CZK 300. No Stress is located opposite the Spanish synagogue. V Kolkovně 9, 222 317 007.

Bohemia Bagel The bagel's popularity has spread from America back to Central Europe, the place of its origin. Opened in 1996, Bohemia Bagel offers American-style fast food with a touch of bagel - sandwiches, fries, burgers, etc. Prices are very affordable, and the place is especially popular among young budget-conscious travellers. Masná, 224 812 560.

Restaurant Yami Sushi in the Czech Republic has found a steadily growing community of aficionados. As a result, the number of Japanese or Korean restaurants has exploded in recent years. Of course, not all are up to par, especially in the tourist center where quality can be poor and the prices high. Yami restaurant, located a bit off Old Town Square was one of the first Asian restaurants in Prague and definitely is worth visiting. Consider making reservations, as Yami is always full. Masná 3, 222 312 756.

Divinis This Italian wine bar is distinguished by its excellent cuisine, but especially by its decor and romantic atmosphere. Conceived by the Italian architect Luciano Belcapo, it is an ideal restaurant for being in love. And you will not be able to resist resist the sublime menu of Italian wines. Týnská 21, 222 325 440.



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