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Český Ráj – Czech Paradise

Imposing sandstone rocks lure nature lovers for hiking or biking in both spring and summer, only two hours from Prague by car.

Situated between the towns of Turnov and Jičín, about 120 kilometres from Prague, this attractive region is characterised by imposing sandstone rocks set in hilly countryside. Nature enthusiasts will want to explore by foot or by bike in the beautiful spring and summer seasons.

The golden way: This beautiful tour takes the following route: Turnov – Hlavatice (3km) – Valdštejn (4km) – Hrubá Skála castle (7km) – Sedmihorky (8.5km) – Valdštejn (12km) – Turnov (16km)

  • Hlavatice: This solitary sandstone rock serves as a natural lookout offering a beautiful view of the Turnov region. It is best in the spring and summer when the weather is nice.
  • Wallenstein castle: This old fortress dates back to the 13th century. The castle has withstood many assaults over the centuries.                                                   
  • Kopicův statek : This old farm estate contains beautiful sculptures of St. George dating back to 1817.
  • Skála - Rock City: Of the twelve "rock cities" (collections of rock formations - see also Adršpach) in or near the Czech Paradise, Skála is the best known, consisting of more than 400 sandstone towers reaching 55 meters in heigt.
  • Sedmihorky hamlet: Founded 1841, this spa was originally designed for treating anemia.

Other treasures of Czech Paradise:

  • Humprecht castle: This castle was built in the 12th century. Its oval Renaissance tower was added in the 17th-century
  • Trosky castle ruins: This romantic site inspires tourists to take a variety of walks through the natural surroundings. Two walking tours include a climb to a peak from which the entire region can be seen.
  • Jičín: With the help of Italian architects, Albrecht von Wallenstein gave this town its beautiful architecture.

Where to sleep  

  • Kost Castle: This gothic castle has never lost its beauty and is the best preserved castle in Czech Republic. The property of the Count Kinsky dal Borgo, the castle can be rented for weddings and receptions among its glens and ponds. It is a dream setting for such events.
  • Zámek Hrubá Skála, Turnov:  Located amidst beautiful natural surroundingsthe in the center of the Czech Paradise, guests can sleep in buildings with 14th-century foundations. The atmosphere is enchanting. There are 44 bedrooms, with prices starting at CZK 750 per person.


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