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Vegetarian restaurants in Prague

The Czech Republic may be a meat-lover's paradise, but vegetarians and the health-conscious need not despair. You will find plenty of delicious alternatives to the standard Czech "pork-dumpling-sauerkraut" combination.

Lehká Hlava

This small and friendly restaurant was one of the first upscale vegetarian restaurants that aimed to offer more than a mere veggie alternative. Exotic and international dishes, plus and elegant atmosphere, make "Light Head" a great destination when you are looking for something "extra".


This sister restaurant of Lehká Hlava opened in May 2009, only a stone's throw from Old Town Square. The wide-open spaces, designer lamps, elegant bar and all natural materials might make you think that this palce must be expensive (it sure looks expensive). Surprisingly, it is eminently affordable, with dishes under CZK 150. The food is excellent and Maitrea even offers vegetarian versions of "traditional" Czech meals.

Like Lekhá Hlava and several other restaurants, you can ask for tap water instead of bottled water, thus saving your pocketbook (it's not free, but cheaper than bottled) and the environment.

Beas Dhaba

We cannot recommend Beas Dhaba enough, especially for a quick lunch or daytime meal. Somewhere between ethnic fast-food and sitdown restaurant, this establishment offers excellent buffet-style meals, sold by weight. Choose from salad, raïta, rice, vegetables, potatoes, all for around CZK 100 and enough to tide you over for the rest of the day. Free jugs of filtered tap are on all the tables, a true rarity in this country and a welcome plus at Beas Dhaba. Three locations in Prague.


If you've been on Wenceslaus Square in the late afternoon, you may have seen them drumming and chanting "Hare Khrishna, Hare Krishna." Yes, there's krishnas in Prague, too, and they run an excellent and cheap vegetarian restaurant, visited by young and money-conscious people (most with a full head of hair). You'll find similar food as at Beas, served buffet-style, plus delicious lhassi and fresh pressed orange juice.

Country life

Country Life is both a vegetarian and health food shop as well as an excellent restaurant for soups, salads, and other small meals or snacks. Everything is guaranteed organic.

Malý Buddha

It is nearly impossible to find a good Asian restaurant in Prague. The hundreds of “Chinese” restaurants are usually run by Vietnamese and are just cheap places for office workers to have a quick lunch. They are usually of around average quality. And the ultimate paradox: you usually have to ask for chopsticks. Which is why “Little Buddha” is such a rare treat. Just  a few steps from Prague Castle, this Tibetan restaurant offers excellent vegetarian and meat dishes. Chopsticks are naturally part of the service and, unlike the Chinese bistros downtown, the dishes are not bathed in grease. Little Buddha also offers a wide range of good teas. Reservations recommended.

Radost FX Radost FX is many things: a CD store, a DVD rental place, a dance club (in the basement) – but also a great restaurant, popular in particular with young expats. The vegeterian and non-vegetarian dishes include such ethnic specialties as hummus or burritos.

Himalaya Himalaya is proof that the Oriental establishments are beginning to take root in Prague. This restaurant offers a wide range of Indian dishes, including beef birnyani, but also dishes made with paneer, a South Asian cheese resembling tofu.   Tikka dhaba Like Himalaya and Beas, Tikka Dhaba also features Indian cuisine made by Indian chefs. Here, too, vegetarians and carnivores will find meals to their liking. Take-away meals also available.

Klub cestovatelů This “Travelers’ Club” is in fact an excellent restaurant located right on the Vltava. The meals are inspired by the food of India and Lebanon, with a wide range of houmous, couscous, salads, kebab and other yumminess. In the summer, the open-air terrace lets you enjoy the riverfront air.

Jiná Krajina Not only a “Different Country,” but also a different kind of cuisine, with lots of fresh produce and an excellent selection of vegetarians and non-vegetarian dishes.


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